iStammer Web App Video (full)

A short documentary on the "iStammer Web App" - a digital solution that connects persons who stammer

12 April 2023 Ernest
The impact of stammering

The impact of stammering on the the health of people who stammer (PWS) and society as a whole

14 November 2015 Admin
Do You Stammer?

Elias Apreko, President of Ghana Stammering Association

3 April 2023 Admin
International Stammering Awareness Day - 2020

International Stammering Awareness Day: Impact of stammering on society

22 October 2020 Admin
Losing out on job opportunities as a stammerer

Being denied a job due to a disability you have no control over despite your qualification can be pa

25 October 2018 Admin
Speech Disorder

Ghana Stammering Assoc. opens up on how to deal with disorder

26 April 2016 Admin
Discussing the challenges of a stammerer

Discussing the challenges of a stammerer at TV3

17 October 2016 Admin
KSM Show

Ghana Stammering Association members talk about support stammers need

20 December 2015 Admin
Istammer - part 1

Ghanaian professionals who stammer share their stories on stammering while living in Ghana. The purp

3 April 2023 Ernest

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