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People who stammer (PWS) have been a source of teasing, ridicule and misunderstanding, for a very long time in many parts of the world: Ghana is no exception. However, whilst there is now much awareness and education about the impact of teasing, ridiculing and poor understanding of PWS through Inter...

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Now, with the iStammer web app you are able to receive speech therapy virtually from the comfort of your home without having to move to a physical speech centre. A stammering specialist will be provided for you once you book an online appointment.

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Read inspiring stories and articles from our supporters. Find out how stammering affects them, in their words.

Video documentary

In 2022, a ground breaking video documentary was launched, showcasing a revolutionary digital solution that connects individuals who stammer with spee

6 July, 2022
MOU Signing

The UNDP and Societe Generale Ghana PLC have signed an MOU to support small businesses led by youth, women, and PWDs in scaling up innovations for su

1 June, 2022
Launch of iStammer web app

iStammer web app enables PWS to book virtual appointments with SLTs irrespective of their location, provides information on stammering, and grants acc

22 October, 2021
Announced Winners for the COVID19 innovation challenge

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) congratulates all the winners of the COVID-19 Innovation Challenge in Ghana and acknowledges the innov

22 December, 2020

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