The Ghana Stammering Association (GSA) started in 2013 to meet the needs of PWS and to educate the public about stammering.

People who stammer (PWS) have been a source of teasing, ridicule, and misunderstanding for a very long time in many parts of the world, and Ghana is no exception.

However, whilst there is now much awareness and education about the impact of teasing, ridiculing, and poor understanding of PWS through International Stammering Awareness Days (ISAD), instituted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other similar campaigns, many countries, particularly in Africa, continue to have little or no support mechanisms for PWS.

There had never been any group taking care of their needs or educating the public about stammering and its impact on those affected. The Ghana Stammering Association (GSA) was started in 2013 to meet the needs of PWS and to educate the public about stammering.

Brief History
About us

Brief History

Elias Apreko, a young man who lives with a stammer and is aware of the often painful experience, decided to help others who stammer. In October 2013, he met with Nana Akua Owusu, a Speech and Language Therapist with an interest in stammering, and Anthony Owusu-Ankomah, a friend who is also a PWS, to discuss and establish the GSA.

The GSA believes that enhancing the self-esteem of people who stammer and creating an enabling environment for them will go a long way to develop their full potential in life.


To be the support centre for people to live successful lives in an environment that openly embraces people who stammer.


To promote stammering awareness and offer assistance to all whose lives are affected by stammering.

Core values

The Ghana Stammering Association values are guiding principles that shape the organization's operations and activities.

  • Development of Potential

    This value emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where individuals who stammer feel supported, respected, and empowered to develop their full potential.

  • Advocacy for Rights

    This value highlights the organization's commitment to raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals who stammer, and advocating for policies and practices that promote their inclusion and participation in society.

  • Partnership and Collaboration

    This value emphasizes the importance of partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders in the community to create an inclusive society for persons who stammer.

  • Embracing Diversity

    This value emphasizes the importance of recognizing and valuing the diversity of individuals, ideas, and expressions among persons who stammer.

  • Integrity and Fairness

    This value highlights the organization's commitment to operating with transparency, accountability, and treating all stakeholders with respect, honesty, and fairness.

  • Global Stewardship

    This value highlights the organization's commitment to protecting and preserving the environment, promoting sustainable development, and contributing to the well-being of the global community.

Our Team

Meet Our Trustees

Our Patrons

We love our patrons for being with us all this while

Azanne Kofi Akainyah (Esq.)

I am a person who stammers. However, this disability has not prevented me from achieving my goals. I am currently a partner in the law firm A & A Law Consult but have practiced in many different countries.

Throughout my life I have had support when needed from my parents, school teachers, school friends and professional colleagues. This support has enabled me to overcome the worst aspects of the speech impairment.

Indeed, it is a strange thing but in my practice of the law I have come across many lawyers and judges who also stammer but are able to perform their work diligently.

Theresa Beeko



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